Brian, what to say about Brian?  There is only one thing to say about him, Brian! Brian is sooooo funny! He has so many personalities and he always makes us laugh. Whenever we're feeling down, we just go to Brian for cheering up. He's spontaneous and energetic. He's not afraid of what other people think of him. He's so wild and crazy! He's seriously just a playful boy in a overgrown body. He's always full of surprises. He works at Costco and jokingly plays around with the return policy there. He's just an all-around great guy that has a gift...a gift to make other people laugh.


Rachelle, otherwise known as Shell, adores animals. I have never met someone that is more devoted to animals. She is currently going to UC Davis where she is learning many skills and going through many life-encouraging experiences. She is playing ultimate Frisbee and having a great time. Rachelle is a beautiful person both inside and out. She has long blonde hair, but she doesn't act like a blonde at all. She is very smart and is definitely going to go far in life. She's not afraid to try things or of criticism. She is self-confident, a characteristic that most people lack. 


Many of us got to know Craig from elementary school. Some met Craig in Little League Baseball. I quickly recognized his passion for the sport, and somehow knew that he was a potential friend. Craig Macedo has the unique ability to befriend anybody. All different types of people, all different races. Whether it was a poor person, rich, white, black, or Asian, Craig was always able and willing to extend a hand. While other people viewed these attributes as barriers, especially in high school, Craig saw these differences as just another thing they had in common, we are all different, and that is a good thing.


Here's one for the men. Ya Yen Hu, aka Doris (I still haven't got an English last name yet), likes quiet walks in the park and warm and cozy fires. She enjoys going out and partying but also likes to spend a nice evening at home. Her hobbies include drawing happy faces, holding puppies, flower arrangements, and sending letter bombs to Fidel Castro and other members of the Communist Party. She is an active member of FTM, (Free Taiwan Movement) and CIA. Her personal weapon of choice is the M-A14 but prefers the cold steel of a knife when it comes to close quarter combat and assassinations. Her likes are likes are things that explode; dislikes: cats.


All you senorita's out there, here is the man who is every man, may it be Alemeldin, Jin or some other twisted Computer Science instructor, Pat is that man. "Chalay", "Hoe-k" and "D Ba" it's all in his vocabulary.


A smile that brightens up your day. You can always find her studying in the student union. She's brilliant, pretty, charming and always there to help. She's known to some as the dictionary since she can pinpoint information in any book.


James is very creative with art, and more specifically 3d Studio Max. He is always down for any online game that is currently out. He is a very generous person and will help others with problems if he knows the solutions. He is well known in the computer science department for his PhD's in farting, sleeping in class, and saying "Chalay!"


Zennon Macias, the guy that everyone knows by his airbrush skills is still alive and attending Stan State for his Art degree.  Zennon has a great artistic skills not just in air brushing but with oils and paint.   This guy has airbrushed shirts, helmets,  cars, to even local restaurants.   This guy painted thirty plus shirts for me along with thirty plus skateboards.


Howard is one of most mellow guys in computer science. He holds the most likely to spend the most hours meditating award as well as the most likely downloading award. He is rarely seen without a hat and loves to watch anime. Howard recently cut his hair very short, and we all are anxiously waiting for the day it will grow back and be a long maine again. In our entire CSUF careers, we have only seen Howard's hair without a hat 1 time. I was not there to actually witness this event, but my sources tell me its true. This man knows a lot of stuff even though he doesn't show it much.


Marramonie Rando is a woman who can do anything. She started with a dream to be a teacher and at the age of 22 made that dream into a reality.  Marramonie graduated from Stan State and is now working at Siera Vista School in Modesto. She inspires those around her with her on going independent accomplishments.  Her hobbies are playing golf, rock climbing (certified belayer), basketball, and likes an occasional game of catch. I have known Marramonie for many years, and I know she is the type of person that will be on my side for many years to come.


Hansen, the China man from Idonesia (not to be confused with Indochina, it makes him angry) came to this country to learn what we call the "English Language". So far he has come along nicely. If you ever happen to come across him you'd be surprised by his mastery of the "English Language". From "wassup dawg" to "what the f***". Hansen can demonstrate what 6,000 dollars a semester can do for a foreign exchange student. But seriously, if your computer is ever messed up or just needs that "extra performance" boost, let Hansen give it his "special touch" and I promise you'll have a better PC for it. Or if you want Linux, FAQ's then look no further.  This guy is a genius!  


Wendy, a beautiful, intelligent, and graceful woman that enjoys singing and abusing her boyfriend.  She has a taste for obnoxiousness and is not one to be messed with despite her height (4'11), which is merely a cover for the ferocity that dwells in her at times.  A special person to say the least, who, if in a one-mile radius of a Dance-dance-revolution, will put the road runner to shame in trying to get to it.  She has much faith and sticks to her morals.  It should be mentioned that her endurance and ability to cope have allowed her to deal with the movie addiction problem that her boyfriend has.  She has journeyed with her boyfriend, who will remain nameless, for the millionth time without so much as a complaint. This, my friends, is a woman to be respected, loved, and feared.


Hecta, the man who totally fell in love with his CSci 112 instructor, Dr Seki, is one crazy man.  Not because he is a Mexican programmer or because he hangs out with nothing but Asians, but because his mind is so creative.  Like come on, Mr. lets install Linux on my X-Box or lets make our own Kazaa tonight.  Hector thinks he's some guy from Japan, taking Japanese classes at Fresno State and staring at the Asian girls around.  Hector


This is Xiaorui, her nickname is "Bunny" (usagi) even though she doesn't even look like a bunny at all. She likes to play on-line games and kill, but a lot of times she gets her butt whipped.  Another nickname of her is "Mah Jong Monkey", created by Howard because she loves that game (Thursday nights) and hanging out with other players until everyone gets out of hand and everyone ends up cracking up at the table. James calls me "gold digger" because that kid just goes nuts for some uknown reason.  Her favorite professor at CSUF is Dr Wilson, because he makes her life so miserable. 


Chong Yang


Aja has a lot of self esteem and is a very positive person. Just take a look at the picture!  She'll kill you.  She is ripped and has formed muscles in every part of her body cause she works hard being a jock.  She really enjoys doing anything that has to do with sports and she is good at almost all those sports, too. She is very energetic and likes to have fun.  She is an exciting girl. The life of the party surely lies with her. Despite the fact that she is the youngest girl, she definitely has a strong influence on the group. She makes us smile with just one look, gesture, sound, or any other famous Aja characteristic. She has guts and isn't afraid to try anything. Just never get on her bad side, no matter who you are, because she can seriously beat you up.


July Macias was one of the first to hang around the Yee House where all we did was play video games and Mah Jong all day long.  Matter of fact, July was the first friend that came to the 3861 house when we first moved in that area.  After High School, he went to Japan for a couple of years to teach.  Now he lives in Arizona with his brother. a fan of great guitar music and the idol of many comics. He seriously could have his own comic. he is also the most Asian-Mexican guy you will meet.


Bobbi, isn't she cute.  We all think so.  A humble girl with many talents.  A piano player who won't play  for you, but we still know she is awesome at it. Attending UC San Diego, where she is an excellent student.  Whenever she is around, people are happy, even when she first started coming over. she got along with people so quick. do not let her good looks fool you, deep down she is a true nerd and a sweetheart.  Bobbi can be one of those people who are always in the middle of situations because she never takes sides and tries to help the situation for the better solution.


Oh man, what can I say about Jamie?! or should I say Justin Doo!  Well, he may look small but he is buff and very athletic!  He goes to UCSD and he likes surfing and snowboarding...I am pretty sure that he likes surfing better than snowboarding, I mean who wouldn't. He likes long walks on the beach and candlelight dinners. I guess he's a pretty cool guy, but if he's mad at you watch out, he plays hockey!  Some other sports he used to play are soccer and water polo. he is in a youth group for church and he teaches kids to play soccer and water polo, and no...water polo is not a wussy sport cause you can build some serious muscle from treading all day long.  Jamie is currently single, (poor guy) but if you like long-haired, punk rock, skaters then Jamie is not the guy for you.  If you like short, buff guys then Jamie is your man!  You just have to watch out cause this man is picky when it comes to chicks, but has pretty good taste!  Here are some more important things!  Jamie Scheuber is a Doo, and a man of knowledge.  This guy will kick your butt in anything.  Jamie always had great ideas and his ideas are usually the ones we go by.  Here are some things you should try with Jamie before you never get a chance to:  sword fighting (better be fake or he'll kill you), a dart war (must be Nerf of course), or try this: play him a fighting game like Street Fighter or Tekken.


Shauna, or also known as Dwight from Scary Movie II is full of laughs.  Shauna is wild, funny, anything goes type of person.  She will brighten anyone's day with just one look, tap on the shoulder, or a kick in the butt.  If you need advice, she's willing to assist you cause she is the drama queen.  (Just kidding Shauna!)  When you need the help, she can do that and more.  Her confidence is so high, that she can handle almost anything.  There's really nothing she can't or wont do...she'll always try, whatever the occasion.  She's goofy, has giggles, and is fun to be around.  She'll probably do a lap dance for you if you are lucky.  She has the strength of a woman and the character of a young girl.  So watch out men!


Ko Ko Ken is a very hard working person.  He tries his hardest to get everything done as fast as possible, even if it means his sleep time.  He does a lot for all of us.  His goal is try help the Yee House as much as he possibly can.  He isn't even related to any of us, but he has always been here for us.  Every year when we go to Vegas, he is the first one willing to drive us....even though he doesn't enjoy going there as much as we do.  He gets his enjoyment out of making EVERYBODY happy. Since everybody is happy, ken is happy.  Thanks for everything  ken.  


Whitney, what else can I say about a 12 year old girl in Jr. High? She likes boys and enjoys hanging out with her "girlfriends".  She loves music especially from her favorite bands: Blink 182 and Sum 41.  She also likes Nelly, which is also a good thing. She is a young girl with the whole world in front of her.  She likes to explore, have fun and just be her bratty, little self. She likes to laugh and loves to make you smile, but watch out…she's not as innocent as she looks!


Micah is a senior at Denair High School this year. This super smart guy is in the top 3 at his school and is a candidate for the Gallo Scholarship. He will be going to CSUS next year. He loves hanging out with his friends and of course, spending time with his girlfriend, Kendra. Not only is he good looking, but he has good sense of style (thanks to Kendra). On top of everything, he is an awesome artist!


Leti is a very likeable person.  We all like her, she really enjoys going out.  She is always so busy that we hardly ever get to see her at the Yee House, but when she is here we all have a lot of fun.  She makes the crowd more lively.  She is very outgoing and makes people feel good about themselves.  Whenever you want an opinion, you will definitely get one from her.  There is just one awesome thing I cannot forget to mention about Leti, and that is her influence in today's slang.  You can learn a lot just talking to her.  She'll get you saying some crazy quotes in no time.


John Sammuel Bolin. The man who survived an attack from Ollie the bird. The man of many names (we won’t mention those). Skateboarding jock in his own time. We all remember those infamous pictures from back in elementary and Jr. high school. John has come a long way to become the stud he is now (alright, alright, that’s enough of the ego building, yearbook-style journalism). John is a very serious, sensitive, easy-going, and goofy person. John is a good friend to have around (when he’s around) and contributes a lot to the fun in the room. While not in Turlock, working on the farm, John spends his time occupied by Old Men From the Sea and worms that come from books. This boy has majored in Literature (and Art I think) at the Univ. of Santa Barbara. So don’t try getting into some philosophical debate with this kid (and yes John, I know this last sentence was a fragment, but don’t worry about it). When he’s not consumed with books and art, John spends his time surfing and with many things that are important to him.


How do we begin to describe Janelle?  I could start by talking about Leonardo DiCaprio or monkeys or the beach or kids or heck, a whole lot of stuff. Janelle’s crazy!! (here’s the thesis statement if that’s what you’re looking for). Janelle will always tell you what she thinks, and she will tell you in such a way that you will see exactly how she came to that conclusion. She is very insightful and cares a bunch about her friends and those around her. Janelle has a spur of the moment attitude and if you’re not careful, you could be doing something you’d never thought you’d be doing in the blink of an eye. She has a deep and philosophical mind, everything she sees has a meaning a she has an incredible journal and an uncanny knack for poetry. And that’s why I wonder why she has such an infatuation with Leo and McCully Culkin… If you’re looking for her try the beach.


Captain hook, he's a mean one.


ALYSSA: The only thing I can say to describe her is that she is the biggest goofball I know. She is constantly laughing and making other people laugh… she's only eight years old so most of the time she just starts laughing for no reason, which makes other people laugh, or she's trying to make milk come out of her nose…either way she's really fun to be around. She has changed a lot from when she was younger: putting on slow music would make her cry and she wouldn't talk to you if she didn't know you. Now you can't get her to stop talking for more than two seconds at a time! She is very independent, and should grow up to be a truly awesome girl! 


If you have something to say...Patrick is willing to listen to you.  He is willing to assist/help @ all times. A young entrepreneur with a great mind. Always looking for things to do, people to help and ways to make things better as simple as can be. Something about his love for constantly growing?  He will not stop until the job is completed. He is a great companion, a hard worker, and a wonderful person to be around.  Its not always predictable to say what he is thinking, he has his own way of interpretation and understanding.  He is responsible, intelligent, humorous at times and he likes to hang out with people and have a good time!


Diana can be found laughing at all of us because we all worship the ground she walks on. NOT! Diana is one of the most modest actress' around. She underestimates her own prowess, intellect, and kindness. She's a great student at UCSD and rooms with Donny's dearest Bobbi. She often loves to dance the "TOMMY" dance for her friends and would love to see more Broadway shows. Her best friend at UCSD even though she won't admit it, is Richard. She often work with him on her math homework. Diana loves soy beans (especially Ademame's or something), her family, and her great friends.


Have you ever asked this guy for help?  Cause he will do anything you ask for!  Just because he looks ghetto doesn't mean that he isn't a sweet person.  Rob has a lot of wise things to say.  Trust me, just try to sit down and talk to him about something serious.  He will help you out!  Rob is also the man you want to be by your side at all times.  You get that feeling that you are so protected that you just want to start something.  Try to go fishing with rob sometime too!  Because not only will you steal all his luck catching fish, but he'll do all the dirty work for you.  Rob is a great guy!  If you don't know what I am talking about, you have to hang with him sometime to see it.


Amy is sweet and caring. She is usually the person to ask when it comes to new things. She's creative and artistic. When it comes to asking for help, she will be the one who is "there". Her passion for birds brings out her love in her heart.  She loves all animals/pets a lot.  By showing her love towards animals, it shows the exact same love she has towards her friends. Amy is a quiet girl and sometimes stays to herself, but that doesn't mean she's not willing to drop everything for the need of a friend. She is very generous and loves to shop for herself and for her friends and family. She has such a cute personality, which is followed with laughter and good times. Everyone adores Amy because it's so hard to not. She's so great!


Alex loves to bug and annoy people at the Turlock Irrigation District for the heck of it. Even though he's annoying, he is nice and an awesome friend to have. Why, because you can totally depend on this guy.  I would know for sure that Alex will help you out when you need it.  To many, he is just like a big brother.  At work, he loves to use words that don't sound like real words and may criticize you often but in a fun way.  He is the type of worker you need to have in your company: fun yet hardworking.


Andrea- a cute girl who could not tell a joke, but is very able to laugh at one.  A fashion expert who is comfortable in sweats.  But don’t ever let her catch you in them, or wearing a black belt with brown shoes.  She may criticize your clothes, but that is the extent of her torment. A cool girl to hang with and from what I hear to be a good boss.  Be nice to her she may clean your teeth someday.  If you ever need someone to talk to, she is exceptionally good at listening, but beware, she remembers everything.


Billy, now Billy is a very interesting person.  He enjoys doing a lot of stuff.  He loves listening to music, watching movies, playing sports, playing video games, installing car stereos, and just about everything else we can think of, but the most important thing is hanging out with friends.  He enjoys going to 49er games (only went to one and loved it), car shows, and fishing.  He loves to showoff all of his new stuff as he gets it, but then again who doesn't?  He is always busy, whether it be with work or out with friends.  He will do almost anything for his friends, all we have to do is ask.  Billy is a very unselfish person.  He is just an awesome, unique person.     


The wise one: Thea Mim always has the right answer for your questions in life.  She is a really hard worker and a fast learned.  Just don't take her Crunch 'n Munch away from her cause she'll bite your head off.  Whatever company gets her will be lucky due to her knowledge in school and her right answers.


Bubba! This dog is HUGE! During our many outings at Rachelle's house, he has become more and more friendly to us. We could seriously ride this walking snowball. When let in the house, he just gets scolded for being too crazy and annoying, but when outside he just whines and wants to get attention. We are all fond of this hairy playmate.


Okay...I know it seems like David's head doesn't go with his body, but it does!  David likes to snowboard and surf.  I really don't know what else he does, but he's a cool guy. he is going to San Luis Obispo and I am sure he loves it down there, who wouldn't...I mean there is sun, surf, and snow (close by).  So all you ladies out there take interest in this man so he doesn't have to bug everyone at the Yee house.


Pammy is surely an Asian Princess. She is so pretty, especially now with her hot red hair. She is a very emotional person. When she does something, she does it wholeheartedly and makes the best of every situation. She always seems to look at the positive of every outlook. She's always willing to wash someone's car for free! She's a very busy girl, always driving in her Honda from here to there, constantly running errands for her friends and family. Pammy is also a very giving and generous person. I have never heard her say no to someone who asks her for a favor. She's a very welcoming person. She brings smiles to her friends faces with her witty sense of humor and charisma. Pammy is a wonderful friend to everyone that she meets.


Danni, look at him...awww, a little boi with a curious mind, trying to learn new things everyday.  He's a guy with strong thoughts and can probably lose himself in them.  He's helpful and humorous yet stubborn at times; still got those skating abilities to play "S-K-A-T-E" someday.   He\'s good company and a great friend. Danni is very loveable; don\'t you just want to hug him and pinch his cheekies?


This bird is amazing!  You can't believe what you can actually teach this thing!  You really don't want to know what it says so far but all I can say is the cost of this bird sets high in price for a reason.  A sweet tooth for sunflower seeds and a knack for hanging around.  Pepper keeps you entertained with his mimicry, but he also surprises you with conversation out of nowhere.  Here is a crazy example for you: the other day, the dogs wouldn't shut up (cause someone would ring the doorbell) and I was yelling "no barking!" to the dogs.  Later that night, pepper was already saying "no barking".  Isn't that's crazy!  I couldn't believe it!  He learned that in a day!


Kenny,  a new friend who looks like a mean biker dude but inside, he's just a big teddy bear.  He only does things that seems to be right and doesn't cheat people out of anything.  He might joke a lot but he is a sincere and decent person.


When you glance at someone like Stephanie, her appearance might seem to look really independent and quiet.  But if you really know her, she's totally different.  Steph will actually open up with smiles.  Not only her lovely looks, but her personality will show you that she is a really sweet person.  She's not afraid to try something new, meet new people and go to different places to hang out.  When you look at her...she wont say much, but inside, she'll open up to you once she knows you better.


Paul Hicok always gives a sense of normalcy. Not normal like being average, normal like going home after a long exhausting trip. He was always easy to be around, that is why we were such good friends for so long. In time, I have found Paul to be trustworthy, intelligent, caring, and always good for a laugh. So whether I felt out of place due to problems with, school, sports, or girls, Paul was always there to make me feel normal again. And he has a funny last name. What ever you do, don't call him "Wild Bill".


Sonia works at Costco with Brian.  She's the only girl I know that is brave enough to try a raw oyster.  She's fun, we got to go fishing with us and got her to play Dance Dance Revolution.  She'll pretty much try anything.


An old buddy.  Still the same ol' Jeff.  He's now living in Los Banos right now.  He just got a new job at Microsoft.  This is a classic picture...he's holding the shark he just reeled it.


We first met Mari as our boss (boss as in higher chair, not boss as in Larry) at the Turlock Irrigation District.  We have learned that Mari is an awesome and hardworking friend.  You know you are fun worker and hardworking when your boss keeps hiring you back.  Not only is Mari  great at making a conversation, but she's also funny!  And should not forgot to mention that she is fun to hang out with at all times.  She likes to play practical jokes and is kind of goofy in the way we all like.  Someday, she will get her Toyota MR2 Spider from all the hard work in school.


Chris Miller is friendly, kind, doesn't get mad too easily.  Chris loves sports, especially the Kings. Chris is a good boss at the Turlock Irrigation District who is usually funny and is there when you need to talk about anything in general.  Chris also knows a lot of stuff in general. Chris is married to very lucky wife known as "Lucky" who won money for their Volvo off of a single scratcher from a place like Circle J. With the amount of skills in Reno, Chris would be the one to talk to when it comes to gambling.  By a couple years, his refrigerator will be filled with magnets that display their big winnings in Reno.


Lauren, otherwise known as the fashion queen, is a friend that one can always go to for advice with boys, love, school, and style. She is going to San Jose State where she is taking classes to prepare for her career as a journalist. She will be perfect at it! She's a very opinionated individual and lets you know exactly how she feels right up front. She doesn't hint around at what she wants to say. She doesn't care about what other people think of her, which is a great quality. She is a beautiful young lady and has such charisma. She is so easy to like, but if you get on her bad side, she will let you know immediately. She loves to have fun, loves to watch sports (and no...not just for the guys), and loves to party in a safe way (I hope). Her hair has so many shades of red in it and is so volumized and "poofy" is seriously one of her best traits. She's such a Tommy freak and only wears his clothing or of the liking. She was so upset when Tommy discontinued it's make-up department, she was devastated. She is very out-going and knows how to have fun. She is very mature and I have always looked up to her. She is one of those friends that everyone grows to love more and more each day.


Jeff, who many know as Jefferson, is a great guy! He is confident in himself and is an excellent orator. We all think he should be a lawyer, but he wants to pursue a career as an environmentalist and is majoring in environmental studies and economics. He is currently attending UC Santa Cruz, where I'm sure he's doing superbly. This guy is incredibly smart and very sweet. He was pretty much the only guy hanging out with us girls throughout high school. He fit in so well and seriously became one of us. He is such an awesome friend! He was always there for all of us and was never unwilling to help us in any way. He tended to procrastinate a lot in high school, but he still managed to get better grades than all of us. He has a very sarcastic personality, but beneath the joking humor and sarcasm is a heart that cares deeply for his friends. 


Lydia is truly an artist at heart. She is a perfectionist when it comes to drawing and has such creativity and aspiration. She has the most beautiful blue eyes that I have ever seen. They are seriously mesmerizing with their shape and sky-blue color. She loves her friends, but more importantly her boyfriend, Nathan. She loves to read, which is probably the reason for her perfect verbal score on the SATs (that brat!). She is an excellent writer and will definitely go far in life and pursue an enjoyable career in the writing industry. Lydia has a very caring heart and is always open for a conversation of any kind. She always has a willing shoulder for anyone to cry on and her welcoming smile to make someone's day a little better. She is attending San Jose State University, where she is beginning her new life as a young woman. Her generous heart and caring words are strong attributes that are hard to find in everyone. I have shared a friendship with her that I will value forever.


Donny is an extraordinary individual. He is constantly striving to help others and to meet their needs before his own. He's always been the leader of the this unique group of people. He welcomes everyone and gets everyone involved, which is really important. He has a very sweet personality and a strong character. He knows what he wants out of life and that is why he is currently majoring in computer science at Fresno State. Everyone goes to Donny with their problems and concerns because he is very understanding and willing to listen. Even though Donny is scrawny in appearance, his heart is bigger than anyone else's in this group. Donny is good at skating, and is now having fun snowboarding. Donny's priority in his life are his friends and we have all been blessed with his awesome friendship.


Savannah has long brown hair and brown eyes.  She has a very lovely personality and loves to dance.  She loves to be with her friends and once in a while, she'll crack jokes.  She is the type of person that loves to help people when she can. Savannah wants to be a psychologist in the future.  Her goal is to attend San Diego, or Santa Cruz University... and is very excited about going.


Richard Lim is currently a first year student at Muir College at UCSD. His major is Poli Sci and he strives to go onto Law School at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. This Philippino native can be found spending most of his recreational time spinning on his head (breaking) or whooping Diana’s butt on the basketball court.  This 3-point shooter is by far the sweetest, gentlest, and unperverted guy in his apartment. When he’s not listening to his roommates cuss at each other about porn, he is sucking balls less than anyone else in his Math10 class. He mostly spends his time studying with Diana, who, although she won’t admit it, sucks balls less than him. She can honestly say that he is the nicest guy that she has ever encountered and is definitely the luckiest girl on campus because she happens to be his girl.


Akemi is better known around UCSD as E.T., the Extra Terrestrial.  I think you can see why. She misses her room on the tenth floor and “how it used to change colors with the sunset.” She currently lives on the sixth floor and is undecided in her major.  Her friends seem to think she has a niche for poetry and fashion, but she herself wouldn’t think so. This Alabama native can more often than not be found hanging out on the tenth floor in Jackie’s room watching Gilmore Girls and Felicity and eating Trolli’s. This energetic, blunt, passionate little alien cares very much for her friends and is a very good listener to other’s problems. Despite the fact that I just met this vibrant girl this year, she has been a great friend and a wonderful human being.


Daniel- “the Armenian Prince”, a man of many talents is mostly known for his imitations. Yet his true personality has no rival.  Dan grew up a little league legend and for good reason.  He became the first Armenian ever to single of the great arm of Craig Macedo.  This competitive struggle between the two would not finish with a mere single. Many wiffle ball tourneys, pick-up games, and music lessons later I can say without a doubt that Daniel Puzant Divanian is good fastball hitter, a better guitar player and the greatest of friends.


Kendra is currently attending CSU Stanislaus where she is in her first year as business major and a music minor.  She graduated from Turlock High School with life time membership to CSF.  Kendra has always been a caring person who enjoys spending time with her boyfriend Micah and her friends. Kendra is awesome at the violin and plans on using her skills in many ways to touch people. She is a beautiful person with a soft-spoken voice. She is very devoted to the people she loves, her family, friends, and, of course, Micah. She is very understanding and will always try to comfort you to the best of her ability. She very stylish and looks cute in all her clothes. She's definitely a great friend to have around.


Phil- A man of great athletic and intellectual talents. Can rock climb, snow ski, water ski, play ultimate Frisbee, soccer, basketball, and work-out all in a day while it is freezing, raining, hailing, or snowing outside and still be home in time to make a pizza from scratch, watch two episodes of the Simpsons, read, surf the web, and play Starcraft (and win).  Phil is a man of compassion and integrity, yet do not bother him with uninteresting and boring things for he has not the time or patience. He is an adventurer.  He has a Civil engineering degree and plans on attending graduate school soon.  He currently substitute teaches in Davis, CA and the children absolutely love him.  A man that adds new meaning to the word multifarious. 


Michelle, a sweet young girl who is quite flexible, in more ways than one. A gymnast since the age of four, she can dazzle you with flips and charm. She has even taught it for a while.  To most, Michelle seems quiet and snotty and independent. But to those of us who have been fortunate to get to know her, we know otherwise.  She can be quite charming with all of her talk of cat guts and babies born with their bowels on the outside of their stomachs. Michelle, a “Simpsons” freak, is quite the student. She has adapted well to the college life, doing very well in all of her classes.  Still having time to watch taped episodes of the “PowerPuff Girls” and chat with friends late into the night.  As we all should, thank her for all her efforts keeping up the chat group because she is a strong leader. She puts activities together and they are always successful.  She's really smart and is using her intelligence to get her a nursing license.  She loves the beach and swimming. She knows how to have a good time and is full of many ideas.


I wept for the first time, going as far back as I can remember, at the sight of our daughter being born. Our first child, our own little girl, born October 25th, 2000, a day we will never forget. After 16 hours of labor, a little 7lb. 9oz. bundle of joy entered our lives, making us a real family. A couple days later, she was sleeping in her own bed, and in her own room. As the months have gone by, we’ve watched her grow from a dependent infant, to an almost self-sufficient toddler, celebrating each of her accomplishments as they come. Her 1st Thanksgiving, her 1st Christmas, her 1st Valentine’s Day, her 1st Easter, and eventually, her 1st Birthday, all of which came and went much too quickly. She enjoys being read to, running outdoors, playing in the pool or tub, going to the mall, and most of all, being loved by her mommy and daddy. We love our little Lauren Nicole dearly and look forward to the joy she will bring our lives forever. We thank God for what He has brought into our lives, and pray someday that another blessing will be brought upon us. Thank you.


DJ Fransen is the owner of Victims Skate Shop in Turlock.  I only have one thing to say about him: Hook-Ups


Emily is an adorable, sweet and caring girl.  She's amazing on the ways she makes you feel good and/or the way she makes you smile.  She is the type of friend who would understand you and help you.  She is very comforting. She is so funny and loves to laugh! She's really smart and determined. Not just anyone could go all the way to Washington for college, but she knows what she wants to goes after it, knocking down all the barriers in the way. She looks so cute driving that HUGE tan car, seriously the size of a boat. She's short, but her strong character can surpass anything. She's a great friend to have around when you're feeling upset or down. She can easily cheer you up with her never-ending laughter and greeting smile. She's the best!


Always a guy who makes you laugh, no matter the situation.  He always tells it like it is even if it is positive or negative.  He likes to party and enjoys long conversations.  He is very sweet at heart.  Looking for the right ways to get a girl's attention with flowers and a night out.  He is outspoken and doesn't mind making a fool of himself cause you only live life once.


Lang is a really great friend! She is so smart, but she doesn't really give herself any credit for it. She's always full of energy and has a killer smile. She's willing to meet new people and she has influenced many people's lives. She is really pretty and really caring. She's generous and hard-working. She's worked at Fail's Donuts many many years and she has leaned great people and business skills there. She has hooked us up many times with those delicious donuts of hers. She has a bubbly personality and a free-willed spirit. She knows how to have fun and that is why everyone loves to be around her.


Dad is a very highly respected person.  He is respected, because he teaches us well.  He knows how to handle situations.  When something goes wrong, he will simply tell us to "relax."  He also loves all of his "duh kids."  He does many things for us.  On his days off of work, he takes us shopping or fishing.  In his extra time, he loves to bowl, collect hot wheels, and play with his animals (Pokey and Gumby).  Every year he makes sure we get to take a trip to Vegas, which we all always have fun at!   


Mom- if you have never talked to Mom about anything, then you have never set foot in this house, or the old one for that matter.  Mom has the ability to make everyone feel as though they are part of this family. Even after a long day of work, she is still willing to come home and deal with lord knows how many screaming teen-agers in her house. A great sense of humor, a great respect for family and tradition burst out of "Po". So much that you cannot help but to take after her in that respect.  Mom hates mean people, and with good reason, she is not one of them.  a wiz on the computer and an even better hunter of great rebates are just a few of her many talents.  She's awesome, and if you think otherwise, I know of plenty  of people that are more than willing to kick your booty. 


What you think you doin woman! Mention the word 'Gwat,' and a chemical reaction is set off in her brain causing her to yell uncontrollably.  You can't find a grandma out there that is as happy as Gam is all the time.  Finally, other than cooking for people everyday, she gets to just sit at home and watch Movies, Chinese Movies, TV, or play Mah Jong at her own house.  Everyone considers her the luckiest woman around, but it isn't luck, it's karma. She is awesome to everyone, that is why she gets so much in return. 


Pop Pop- When you first see Pop you think he is this sweet old man. the way he talks, you cant understand him at all. after a long time of listening to him, you still cant understand him.  A ninja in the kitchen and the African Grey of mimicry.  Pop will say anything you tell him to. For example:

                    Yee Clan-" Pop Pop!"

                    Pop Pop- "Hello"

                    Yee Clan- "Say' Everybody in San Francisco is gay'"

                    Pop Pop-"Go San Francissygo evybody gay"


Drea's sister Stephanie....she is adorable. but believe me she will eat you up and spit you out. A real man-eater. a true player who will break your heart without batting an eye.  To friends, she as cool as they come. considers herself a prep but as dorky as the rest of us.  the great thing about her , she likes snowboarding more than skiing.


Rhett is funny, goofy, corny but funny, and loves to play around. He's a helpful man and you can depend on him. He gives out good advice!  He's one of the younger workers at we can relate to him more than the others.  He has an electric bike, known as "El Ratoncito".  Rhett likes to make up his own type of slang, trying to get people to say new things. For example, he'd say something like "I drive a burning bucket."  Only somebody like rhett would tape a flashlite to his bicycle helmet to see at night....which is a safe idea yet goofy to others that see him.  He carries a liscense to fly planes and probably is still trying to be on the next "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" show from calling the hotline.  This man has 11 million to spend on Turlock, so be nice to him.


This is Virginia.  The best friend every person could have.  The friend who will always be there for you.  Will help you and always stick up on your side.  This diva will make you feel the most comfortable in any situation.  Virginia's personality and style are out of the ordinary, she's simply unique! She wont hesitate to let you know how she feels about something.  The sista who is down for wuteva and has love for parties and of course...her friends!  She loves R&B, rap, and dance music.  And we cannot forget the crazy thing about her!  Her hair man!  The length of her hair will beat anyone's!  Bring it on!


Tyler, the future Bill Gates,is a sophomore at Turlock High School. Not only is he awesome with computers, he also has a 4.0 grade point average! He loves playing guitar, which he is also great at. One of his favorite things to do is snowboard, which he has gotten really good at. Oh yeah, he's single!


KAYLA: Aah… the famous four-year-old beer drinker, who needs milk anyway?!?! This six year old has the biggest attitude I've ever seen, she knows she's cute and her dad makes sure everyone else knows it too. She struts around her house in her mom's clothes and I don't think she has one ounce of modesty in her blood. She recently developed a disease which prevents her blood from clotting, and has had to take many trips to the emergency room since. I have never seen so many bruises on a little girl! It's very sad to see, but she is doing well. All I can say is that she is going to be a handful when she becomes a teenager (and no the bottle wasn't empty!)


Derek, he wouldn't do anything unless it benefits him.  This is only the truth.  Oh yeah, he pitches for baseball too.


Trisha, what a girl! She is so wild! What can I say? She's going to Chico State, a college that is perfect for her. She loves Janet Jackson and can sing any of her songs on key (Trisha has a great voice) and without missing a single word. She's also into raving these days and brings light sticks with her everywhere. In high school, she was very devoted in her school work, and also Shane, her ex-boyfriend who she could not let go. She's moved on now, thank goodness. She's into engineering, but is it because that is really what she enjoys doing, or is it because she's surrounded by guys? Trisha is a girl that could make anyone laugh and boost up their energy level. She's a wonderful friend and someone that everyone should get to know.


This is my friend, Uncle Fester.  He's awesome!  Scary, but awesome!


AMBER: At 5'0" weighing 90 lbs. she has endless amounts of energy! She may be innocent and sweet, but at the same time she is a little on the goofy side. She is an excellent gymnast, but she's the only one I know who can do a virtually flawless routine, then trip and fall flat on her face walking back to her seat. For most of her gymnastics career she has been the smallest, youngest member, but she is finally establishing some seniority and I can say without a doubt that she is the best gymnast in her gym, and one of the top gymnasts in California! That is a lot to accomplish considering she's only fifteen years old. She is definitely one of a kind! 

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